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Thread: Join The Revolution with USANA's Rev3 !

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    Default Re: Join The Revolution with USANA's Rev3 !

    Quote Originally Posted by zipdoa View Post
    lmao this thread was a solid morning laugh. bump worthy.
    What the heck where you searching when you stumbled on this old thread? haha

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    Default Re: Join The Revolution with USANA's Rev3 !

    Quote Originally Posted by Fir3Ball View Post
    do you know what are free radicals ? go read about them, free radicals are toxic to your cells and degenarate your health ! free radicals includes radiation/pollution, stress, toxins, poor food choices, etc...
    Hate to disagree but research says differently:

    I recommend, after a LOT of research on food: eat a diet composed mainly of vegetables, legumes, some form of protein and eat all high starch foods and sugars in moderation. Stay as away from premade foods as much as possible, get ingredients from the grocery store and cook your own food.

    Don't fall for hype of stuff like "organic", "natural", "free range", etc... which are labels with a good intention but which in reality are used by the food business to sell you stuff at higher markups.

    Always remember it is a food business, the goal of their business is to sell you the cheapest stuff at the highest possible markup, they don't care one whit what it actually does to your body or if their claims are substantiated (as long as they can't get sued for it, hence why they usually say "may help with blah blah").

    If they could sell you pig dung, mixed with enough sugar and oil to make it taste good, they would!
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    Default Re: Join The Revolution with USANA's Rev3 !

    Wow...bringing back the dead.
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    Default Re: Join The Revolution with USANA's Rev3 !

    haha this is hilarious. My mom brought me home two of these like a year ago. had a sip and spat it out lol. tastes like Sh*t. The second one is still in out fridge....

    Maybe ill have it tonight lol.

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