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Thread: Detailing the exterior

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    Default Detailing the exterior

    Summer is coming and I'd like to detail my exterior of my VW. Usually I just wash and dry and let it be as it may(Or use Meguirs quick detail). Since that this is my new car I'd like to know how to detail the exterior. I've never done a wax, polish, clay bar before and I was wondering if there was a certain way of doing it? I know that Meguirs has a kit to do the exterior and what not, would that be good to get? I'd rather do it myself then to pay someone to do it. It's my car so I should learn, right?

    So any advice, suggestions tricks etc are welcome. Please post them, thanks!
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    Default Re: Detailing the exterior

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    Default Re: Detailing the exterior

    This site has more info than you will ever need.

    There is a lot of misinformation in the auto detailing world, but autopia has some real pro's that aren't afraid to share their knowledge.
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