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Thread: found some winters, input?

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    Default Re: found some winters, input?

    seems like 18s are the way to go considering the price and performance

    at this point its either spend $900 on a set of oem 18s with 245/45/18 winters, $2000 on oem 19 RS4 wheels with 255/35/19 blizzaks, or spend $700 and get 255/40/19 blizzaks and just swap them over to my current oem wheels.

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    Default Re: found some winters, input?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    $2k seems a bit high. If they were immaculate rims that might be worth it, but if they're not in the greatest condition I'd think $1500 would be a more appropriate price.
    ^ THIS. PS. I run the stock RS4 19's all winter long. Of course, they aren't as well suited as an 18 would be in the snow/ice but in my opinion... if you can't handle 420hp worth of Quattro on snow/ice... then you should've bought an A4. lol
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