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Thread: e30mclow's latest e30

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    Default Re: e30mclow's latest e30

    makes me want to build another E30.... Great Stuff Ger

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    Default Re: e30mclow's latest e30

    Last weekend I:
    Made a sturdy tunnel cross brace and trans mount.
    Totally redid the removable lower rad/IC support
    Offered up a driveshaft to assess options
    Sectioned the front subframe for external wastegate clearance
    Removed the engine and box for the final few checks

    My CNC

    Chassis brace/trans mount 80-90% complete. I'll do the final adjustments and last of the bolt holes once things are in their final position.

    Getting an idea of the front half shaft length/alignment

    Downpipe in

    With the removable lower rad support, it is easy to pop the engine forward and access the bell housing bolts

    After that, the engine is straight out the top. It is rather tight, but just about manages to fit.

    With it out I was able to start the final few beauty items.
    Last night I began wire wheeling the block as well as semi-polishing the aluminum bits. I'll paint the block tonight before doing the valve covers/plugs and accessory belt.

    I don't want them actually polished, just cleaner looking.

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    Rebuilt my turbo

    Also bought a different turbo. I got a great deal on this, which had a Garrett core, ceramic coated divided T4 housing and is proven to 500hp.

    I just need to reseal the hot side, as the previous owner ran too small of an oil return, forcing oil passed the ring seal on the turbine side.
    Should be a far better turbo than the ebay one that is currently on there.

    Performed a compression test before committing 100%, which thankfully showed perfect compression across all 6


    Painted the block

    Replaced my rubber steering guibo with a solid one. Out of everything, I'm actually most excited about this upgrade lol. It should really sharpen things up in conjunction with the treehouse racing lower control arm bushings. I can't waitttttt.

    Gauge Pod

    I'll perhaps place the cutoff switch in the 3rd hole.

    Notched subframe for the HKS external wastegate and dump pipe.

    IC Piping being finalized

    All bolted together

    Next permit/visa issues! Some changes in the US (the big orange guy) have made it harder to stay here, so now I have to return to Canada for anywhere between 1 week and 6 months. I/My Company/Our Attorneys were all over things, but it seems like a brick wall has gone up with the immigration folks. My permit is up on Nov 1st, so this is as far as the BMW is going to get for the foreseeable future.

    I'm going to drive to Ottawa in a few weeks, so I'm currently getting the s4 ready.

    New coilovers

    Waxed to death

    The final puzzle will be fitting my winter wheels on, now that I have the big ole Porsche brakes up front.
    Should be tooooo hard, right?

    Quite the squeeze

    Fingers crossed for everything to work out, as there is a lot of $$$ things up in the air. I'm not stressing, as whatever happens, happens. I just don't want to have to abandon a 80% complete 1JZ e30 :(

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    Default Re: e30mclow's latest e30

    Great work Gerard! (as usual)

    Best of luck with all the work stuff.

    2009 Audi R8
    2005 VW Jetta TDI Waggin

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