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Thread: WT Borrow / HELP

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    Default WT Borrow / HELP: VAG or OBDeleven

    Hey guys,

    since lowering my allroad, the headlights are effectively useless. I have at best 50' of illumination on the highway, which was not super fun driving home from Edmonton last week.

    I need to do a headlight level reset / adjustment, which requires either VAG-COM or OBDeleven. I have carista, but apparently it doesn't have the required capabilities.

    sooo, who feels like plugging into my ECU for 10 minutes? there is a frosty 6-pack in it for you. I can do any weeknight this week, except Wednesday. Weekends also work, but probably best to do it in the evening so we can see the beam pattern clearly.

    I live in Ramsay, so anyone inner-city would be a huge plus.
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    Default Re: WT Borrow / HELP

    Paid members get access to the club Vag-Com.
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