Selling a set of nearly brand new Bosch EV14 750cc injectors. I purchased these from 034 Motorsports for $85 a piece after finding out I was running out of fuel on my Genesis 550's.

They were purchased in Feb of 2011 and installed on the car in March. Since I am doing my own tuning I decided to take them in to a shop in town to have them tested for a specific set of variables that i needed for Maestro in order to get the tuning right. .........well the shop completely ignored my instructions and simply tested them and cleaned them and then tested them again. All for $113.19.

.........I was not wasting anymore money on these injectors so I picked up a set of Injector Dynamics ID725s instead. So now you get a nice clean flow-matched set with a data sheet. No guessing.

These injectors fire the OEM dual cone spray pattern unlike the majority of Bosch EV14 72lbs out there.

Make me an offer and we'll go from there. No Lowballers