Due to some unfortunate events I'm forced to sell some of the parts off my stage 3 (frankenturbo) S4, parts are either lightly used or brand new!

Bosch 044 450LPH drop in fuel pump - $350.00 used to start car and drive about 10km
Bosch EV14 550cc injectors x6 with adapters - $300.00 never used
AWE Boost Gauge vent mounted - $100.00 not damaged
Frankenturbo oversized y-pipe hoses - $50.00 never used
034 Motorsports diverter valve hoses $20.00 lightly used
Stock stereo $50.00
Stock y-pipe hoses $20.00
N75 valve $50.00

I have stock KO3 turbos and turbo inlet pipes if anybody is interested in buying and rebuilding don't know what I could sell those for.