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Thread: BMW M Coupe - Jacktown

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacktown View Post
    Bring Back Eurodrivers! Thanks Colin and Scott for helping me to solve my log in issues. I bumped in to Rod down in the east village a few weeks back and he suggested I get in touch to reset it. Here's one of my Coupe from last year taken by Bob, and another of Bob's fine ass, taken by yours truly. (you're welcome, buddy)

    I came quite close to selling the car this year so I could get in to something 'better' but I'm glad it didn't happen. I've had her for 6 years and hope to continue being her caretaker for much longer.

    And I have a new background on my computer, amazing car!


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    Well - all chapters must come to an end, and so does this one. The coupe will be leaving the nest at some point in the next few weeks. I've had her almost 7 years, I've put on 15,000km, done some oil changes, a serpentine belt and changed a 15amp fuse; and I haven't lost any money. That's how to do it right?

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    I love hatchbacks

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    Default Re: BMW M Coupe - Jacktown

    It has been my favorite car on here for about all of those 7 years.
    I love seeing it pop up occasionally on Bob's instagram.

    Congrats/commiserations on the sale!

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    Boo. Well...good sure but still boo.

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