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Thread: PDR/Rock Chip Repair/3m Protection Questions.

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    Default PDR/Rock Chip Repair/3m Protection Questions.

    Winter will be upon us quickly and i need to get the TT prepped for its first winter. The TT has one little dent on the hood that needs to be pulled out, and then a few minor rock chips here and there that will need to be filled in before the front end gets wrapped.

    Can anyone recommend the best place to go for PDR as well as professional rock chip filling? I dont mind going to different places for this.

    Can Jed at Mobile reflections touch up rock chips before the car gets covered as long as i get the dent pulled? its probably going to be a good idea to get at least the front end polished before it gets wrapped too...

    And then as for front end protection? Where is the place to go and what material? 3m? also hear Derek mentioning Suntek a lot. Opinions welcome! thanks guys/gals.

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    Default Re: PDR/Rock Chip Repair/3m Protection Questions.

    Not sure about the rock chip fill but definitely see Darren Thompson at Thompson graphics to have the suntek applied. Mention to him that I referred you and he might be able to give you a break in the price!

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