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Thread: Continental Auto Body LTD vs Cosmos Collision

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    Default Continental Auto Body LTD vs Cosmos Collision

    Want some body work done on my Audi which is the best place to go to for top notch quality work

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    Default Re: Continental Auto Body LTD vs Cosmos Collision

    I've been hearing bad things about the long term of Cosmos and them actually standing behind their work.

    I send pretty much all my stuff to Stampede Collision, I worked there many moons ago, they were always about doing things right. Everything I've had done is holding up great.
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    Default Re: Continental Auto Body LTD vs Cosmos Collision

    I've had a pretty bad experience with Cosmos Collision standing behind the work they did on my Golf. Rust and dead clearcoat as well as a bumper cover I ended up replacing at my own expense. Stampede did an amazing job on our W8!

    I know there's others that haven't had a he best experience at Cosmos, hopefully they chime in.
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    Default Re: Continental Auto Body LTD vs Cosmos Collision

    Do not go to Cosmos unless you own a car worth more than 80k.

    My car had excessive hail damage many years ago, under great praise at the time I chose Cosmos to look after my baby. They were very stand up guys and I trusted them to look after her with the same love I showed her. I was wrong.

    My car was at their yard for approx 4 and a half months, my insurance company paid for a rental for 2 weeks but the rest was a single vehicle family. At the time we'd just had a newborn and our daughter was 11. I was working at 6am every day and 6pm at night for night shifts. Damn near 5 months and you can imagine how happy my wife was.

    I'd finally had enough waiting and called Ken up to let him know I would be picking up the car to take it elsewhere done or not. Upon arrival I inspected the car to see where it was currently. They'd clearly rushed trying to get it back together for my arrival. The door bumper was mounted too far back and scraped the paint off when the back door was opened, the front door bumper became detached weeks later and bent out. The window tint on the front windows were marked from the masking they had used, the rear passenger window tint was scratched and had small holes. The passenger A pillar looked like it had been taken out with a pry bar. Overspray on freshly painted wheels. There's probably more I'm forgetting but you get the picture. I feel like they saw a MKIV Jetta come in and were like, let's let the new guys take a crack at this one.

    At the end of the day I can't fault the paint job, at all. It looks amazing still and perfectly blended but I absolutely cannot look passed the faults. When I first told my story someone said "you can't rush perfection". It was damn near 5 months man, that's far too long of a turn around for a daily, with piss poor work outside of paint. Oh and the final bill they charged my insurance company for this job. 9k.

    /end rant

    Don't go there
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    Default Re: Continental Auto Body LTD vs Cosmos Collision

    Had a friend use Cosmos... bad experience there but great experience with Marenello.
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