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Thread: S-Line or S4 Door Blades

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    Default S-Line or S4 Door Blades

    Looking for a set of good condition door blades for my B7 A4 Avant. Mine have the 'bloating' issue.

    Google tells me that I can gut mine to remove the rust and JB weld together but I'd rather just slap on a new set.

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    Default Re: S-Line or S4 Door Blades

    Sorry I don't have a line on a set, but I can tell you when mine came apart I gutted them and tried a bunch of different adhesives to put them back together, never did find one that worked and they didn't seat right after anyways so I wasn't happy with it. The outer cover and inside guide track are made of different plastics, and the metal piece slides into a slot so once the edges rust out there is nothing holding it in anyways. Maybe something like panel bond would work, but I couldn't get any locally. Highly recommend new if you want it to look good, but also be prepared for the attach pins on the door to be rusty too, good time to decide if you want to seal it back up properly while it is off.
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