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    Default B5 Passat CV Replacement

    Well, not a very exciting task, but I thought I'd post my CV swap process in case it is helpful to anyone. There are already good DIYs out there, like on, but I figured I do one up anyways.

    This time 'round I used a donor axle from an A4 and popped off the CV. Just pull back the boot, try to keep CV in-line with the axle and give it a bit of a whack with a rubber mallet from the back side.

    I took the CV apart to inspect it. It was a used part, so I figured it was worth a peek.

    Re-packed with OEM grease

    Gooped up and good to go

    Remove the wheel, pop off the centre cap, put the wheel back on, lower it. Seems to be the consensus that loosening the axle bolt is best done when car is sitting on its wheels.

    Get this cover out of the way to give you more space. T25.

    Jack 'er up!

    Remove axle bolt

    You can see 6 inner bolts here. Make sure those are good and clean so your tripple square bit goes in all the way. I've stripped the heads on these in the past.

    Here is the triple square bit you need

    You can use a screwdriver to stop the axle from turning while you remove the 6 inner bolts

    Put a bunch of my extensions together to reach bolts easily.

    With all the bolts out, push the inner end of the axle up and you'll end up with enough room to pull back the spline end on the outer CV and remove axle

    I used a dremel to cut the boot clamps

    I popped the CV off the axle and disassembled it to see if I could see the damage. There is definitely damage metal.

    Remove the clips and boot from the axle

    New CV boot kit (everything here, plus the previous grease)

    Put small clamp and boot on axle first

    Install new clip from kit

    Then on goes steel washer and plastic ring. The washer is curved. Curve goes away from plastic ring

    Then the last clip goes on. I left this pic out. I realized in the pic I had the washer and plastic ring on backwards, and that would just be confusing. The silver washer goes first, then black plastic ring. Plastic ring goes against CV. Actually freaked me out as I was posting this and I had to go check what I did. Apparently I corrected it subconsciously after taking the picture... Of course, this means I had to undo and re-tightened the big axle bolt, which is sort of a no-no. Also re-used the bigger of the two CV boot clamps as I had to pull back the boot too peek. Ugh.
    Any opinions on that? Leave the bolt be, or grab another and replace it? Not really worried about the boot clamp. It tightened up enough, even after a re-use.

    Put the CV back on the axle. A few taps with mallet should do it. I also added the rest of the grease before I closed it all up

    Boot clamp pliers needed next:


    Axle is now ready to go, and basically install the reverse order from removal.

    Big torque wrench for the first 140 ft lbs on the axle bolt (new blot comes in boot kit - this is single use), then a breaker bar to give it another 180 degrees.

    Torque specs (stolen from
    6x 10mm triple square axle bolts: 57 ft-lb (tighten in diagonal pattern then double check)
    M16 threaded axle bolt (normally 17mm allen bolt but check): 140 ft-lb + 180o turn
    wheel lug bolts: 89 ft-lb (tighten in star pattern twice then double check)
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