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Thread: Back to my roots kind of a build thread

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    Default Back to my roots kind of a build thread

    hey all! decided to make a thread to keep up with the changes to the car, most of you know me some of you don't... don't worry you'll have the pleasure at some point this summer im sure anyway lets start with a bit of history as i did my last build thread...

    the first car that had my heart was a 2000 MK4 Jetta suspension, tune wheels, exhaust and meth it looked decent and had some pep in its step... fairly basic modifications, it wasn't much but it was the first car that i put my blood sweat and tears into and I absolutely loved it.

    i ended up selling her and really regretted it but a stage 3 b5 took her place and it made things abit easier.. things got a little more in depth with the B5 equipped with a tial 605 kit meth a tune from EPL big brakes and wide wheels she definitely talked the talk and walked the walk... but poor paint made me hate looking at her on a daily basis and i just couldn't bring myself to deal with a new paint job.. the love just wasnt there anymore

    the build thread can be found here as my description of the car is fairly vague:

    after that came a very short lived blue lagoon GLI then a couple of grown up cars that get me through the day to day - summer 2015 was filled with BOREDOM.. i didn't have a toy for the first time in a while that i could tinker with, I filled the void by building my brothers car with him but at the end of the day it wasn't mine and i missed the community! I'll take a quick opportunity to whore

    one day browsing good old Kijiji I came across a clean BMP GLI got in touch with the owner landed on a price and went up to Edmonton to pick it up.. to my surprise the car was cleaner than it was in the photos and as i came to learn considering the ED ownership history it has had that should not have been a surprise

    onto some deets

    car is a 2004 BMP GLI and had the following done prior to my ownership

    OEM HID's
    Koni coilovers
    BFI engine, transmission and dog bone mounts
    APR stage 2 tuning
    Eurojet DP mated to a magnaflow exhaust
    Eurojet FMIC
    new VR clutch with single mass flywheel

    the day i brought her home.. yes i know.... sick wheels.. one of a kind!! i should have just kept those!

    when i got the car home i pretty much parked her and started collecting some parts first thing to knock off was maintenance so what started with a simple Timing belt change ended up being a full gasket and seal job i took the opportunity to rip everything that had to do with oil and coolant off the block and replace all the common leaking seals flanges and gaskets associated to make sure the car was in tip top shape.. only photo i have of the entire process it was a long weekend lets say that

    same weekend i was lucky enough to snag a polished intake manifold from Chad and tucked some wires in the process of replacing it, next up... shifter! I was never a fan of how the car shifted i turned to Diesel geek for a sigma 6 SS to fix the sloppiness this thing is incredible a must have change to any VW manual transmission too bad you cant see this work of art in the bay too well

    alright at this point the maintenance was all up to date and done... time for some fun stuff wheels! i decided to get in touch with TJ since he was selling his R and i thought i could provide a good home for his stunning Kup 3's..

    wheels acquired!! now that the hard part was done i knew the Konis would not fit the bill for the look i was going after with the car.. allot of research, some kreeping and chatting with Aaron on the Tex about suspension led me to Broadway Static.. these guys are very big in the BMW world and provide hand crafted suspension made for well... being static gave them a call chatted with Jaze the owner and an order was place... 3 months later suspension arrived.

    after a trip to the boarder to pick them up the install happened that night, old vs new.

    it was a late night that ended up with a broken axle, it was late, i was mad so no pictures of the suspension install.

    The next day new axle in we decided to throw on the Kup's just to see how they looked and that's kind of where we are today.. new tires are on the way and some tweaks to the suspension to get it to sit where i want and she will be ready for this year... ill end the thread with a couple of shots from Danny at Sundays car and coffee...

    lots more exciting changes to come i have always loved the MK4 chassis and it keeps pulling me back this one is staying for awhile

    2016/2017 Build Specs

    Integrated Engineering Rods
    Wossner 82MM Pistons
    King Rod Bearing
    King Main Bearings
    ARP Head Bolts
    ARP Main Studs
    AEB Head
    IE Manual Timing belt kit with Gates Belt
    new OEM oil Pump/pickup tube/oil pan
    all gaskets and seals bolts replace with new OEM units
    Spec Stage 3 Clutch w aluminum flywheel (review to come i may have gone abit aggressive here )
    BFI stage 1 motor and transmission mounts
    Eurodyne Mastro
    Injector Dynamic id1000 injectors
    DeatschWerks DW65V intank fuel pump
    HTA GT3076 turbo
    custom tubular top mount exhaust manifold and downpipe
    Tial MVS wastegate
    integrated Engineering Intake Manifold
    80mm Hemi Throttle body
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    Default Re: Back to my roots kind of a build thread

    Gorgeous looking car! Can't wait to see it in person

    I love hatchbacks

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    Default Re: Back to my roots kind of a build thread

    Glad you're back John!!! Car looks insane in person, especially rolling.

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    Default Re: Back to my roots kind of a build thread

    The new car is amazing!!!
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    Default Re: Back to my roots kind of a build thread

    I really like your GLI, I am not a mk4 guy, but man, This is just plain clean
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    Default Re: Back to my roots kind of a build thread

    Nicely done so far!

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    Default Re: Back to my roots kind of a build thread

    I like it and its very clean! Saw it at cars and coffee
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    Default Re: Back to my roots kind of a build thread

    Yess. Can't wait to see it in person, it looks like everything came together really nicely!
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    Default Re: Back to my roots kind of a build thread

    Nice - looking forward to seeing this develop!
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    Default Re: Back to my roots kind of a build thread

    Awesome. Looking Good!
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    Default Re: Back to my roots kind of a build thread

    Such a beautiful clean car!!!
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    Default Re: Back to my roots kind of a build thread

    You downgraded wheels . This car is crazy clean!!! Especially with that fresh new sticker on the back

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    Default Re: Back to my roots kind of a build thread

    Welcome back Jon! Car looks great

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    Default Re: Back to my roots kind of a build thread

    Looks great! Only thing I'd do is remove tint on rear windows.
    New rims are sweet.

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    Default Re: Back to my roots kind of a build thread

    Awesome Jon!
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