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Thread: DPF/EGR Delete or Replace...

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    Help DPF/EGR Delete or Replace...

    So it finally happened. My workhorse of a 2012 Golf TDI threw out the lousy P2002/P0401 codes and it's got me thinking. Do I want to spend the ~$3500 to replace them, or finally go the route and delete them?

    I haven't actually done any modifications to my Golf for the better part of 5 years so I'm wondering the pros/cons of replacing the same parts vs. deleting and running something like the Rawtek delete kit.

    Has anybody on here done something like this before?

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    Default Re: DPF/EGR Delete or Replace...

    Talk to Colin at CAW...they're a Malone tuner and do the should run you less for the deletes and a tune.
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