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Thread: ‘06 Mini JCW - Jacktown

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    Thanks both.

    I had the lips machined on the CNC rig with Joe at Quick Silver. Love the work they did but now hate the faces - too mundane in comparison to the fresh lips so I’ll dismantle them to sand down the faces and produce a brushed aluminum finish. I think that’ll go together much better.

    And some carbon fibre bits to go in the interior once the garage warms up again!

    This is the set up for one of the door cards.

    And these are front facing on the dash. There was an OEM catalogue version of these but people charge a fortune if you can find them, and they haven’t aged well. I prefer these custom ones which were much more economical.

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    Default Re: ‘06 Mini JCW - Jacktown

    Joined to say I love this. Also, if you ever want to offload one of those JCW knobs or the R112’s, please, let me know,

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