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Thread: Rear control arm Aero covers - Alltrack install

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    Default Rear control arm Aero covers - Alltrack install

    Most of my info comes form HERE

    There are two options on these control arm covers. Both are shown here, from golfdave on

    I'm installing on a 2019 Golf Alltrack. I'd do your own double checking as far as fitment and part numbers.

    I'm installing the lower ones in the pic here. I did have a pretty basic misunderstanding of the whole process and actually though both were needed, so I actually have a pair of the upper ones in the pic for sale. Oops.

    Here are the parts:

    SHIELD - Aero Cover Left
    SKU: 5Q0501733

    SHIELD - Aero Cover Right
    SKU: 5Q0501734

    Install hardware:
    N 909 203 01, Rivet nut M6 (x4)
    N 911 335 01, Hex head bolt M6x18mm with washer (22mm dia.) (x4)
    8E0 825 267, Plastic spreader rivet (x4)

    I got a cheap Amazon rivnut tool. It did the job.

    So to start, we have about 22,000km on this car so far. For sure the control arm is taking a beating already:

    Step one, riv-nuts in the bottom side:

    Step 2, on with the covers!
    I used some blue locktite on the bolts here

    Step 3, the plastic fasteners on the top. No good pic of this, but the holes are there in the control arm, just push them in!

    And that's about it!

    If the stone guards I accidentally ordered are of interest (They attach the same as the above parts), they are here:
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