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  • Look what i found

    Found this on a Vancouver VW forum thought someone might be interested ..

    "FS: 300hp+ 1.8t Turbo Setup
    Hello all,

    I have the following parts for sale for a 1.8t:

    HKS GT2835 Ball Bearing Turbo 56Trim .73A/R (Price new is $2170.00)
    Ceramic Coated MTM Turbo Manifold w/ external wastegate flange (Price new is $1450.00 w/o ceramic coating)
    HKS 20lbs External Wastegate (Price new is $420.00)

    This combo came off of Momentum Motorsports 300+ hp B5 Passat Wagon that was a cover on Euro Tuner. The car was used for show only and then dissasembled and sold. All the parts have less than 1500 miles on them. I was planning on putting the parts on my car Golf IV, but now i am selling it and wish to sell these parts seperately. Shawn van Neer said that these parts can be modified easily to work in a MKIV Jetta of Golf without any problems.

    New, these parts come out to $4040.00 USD and that is without the $500 for ceramic coating. Selling price $2950.00 USD or $4650 CDN."